Why cPanel for shared web hosting? How are you unique?

  • "Using cPanel for shared web hosting doesn't make you unique. It's just another web hosting service equal to every other company." - by anonymous.

    We get a certain amount of comments from people because of our choice to use cPanel as our customer-facing control panel for our shared web hosting services.

    I understand where it comes from, and I want to take a moment to make the case for why we use cPanel and why your first impression of it may not be correct.

    The following thoughts might run through your brain:

    • Just another shared web hosting company;
    • Anyone could create this service for the $15/m cPanel license fee;
    • I could get a VPS and get a better service for myself.

    If you thought those things, they may be reasonable first impressions, but they could not be more incorrect.

    1 How unique is our service?

    Let me explain how unique and different our service is from many of our competitors:

    • The bare minimum requirement to create a proper web shared hosting service similar to ours would be (at least) $112 per month. The amount includes cPanel, CloudLinux, Imunify360, Softaculous, and LiteSpeed Licenses. Plus, the server itself which is not included in that value and may differ;
    • We have a partnership with Cloudflare to provide a CDN for your website for free. Some competitors charge extra for this;
    • We are Optimized Hosting Partners with Railgun™ Integration. Most of our competitors don't provide this at all;
    • Our Railguns are isolated on servers and are dedicated to the task at hand for security purposes and performance. A few of our competitors will place the railgun on the same server which may be considered a security vulnerability. Using the same server may also be slower than having dedicated resources;
    • Daily backups up to 30 days included (depending on the plan chosen);
    • Daily remote backups up to 30 days on a different location (just in case the primary backup is lost somehow due to natural disasters or any other reason);
    • We have several web hosting plans to satisfy your requirements. Therefore, we allow you to pay for only what you really use;
    • We allow professionals and companies to save a lot of money on the support they won't require;
    • When you decide you need more resources or a different kind of support service, you don't have to look anywhere else. Just open a ticket and we will change your plan even if you are in the middle of a yearly cycle. No more marketing schemes locking you on any plan. We are that flexible.

    2 What is the point?

    I understand some of the - supposedly - unique features mentioned above are also included in our competitors' offers.

    Correction, included in the most expensive offers, not all offers. Normally, you start on their cheapest plan to get started.

    In our competitors, you will have to upgrade eventually to the last plan, paying a lot more for the same features we have available on the cheapest plans.

    On our web hosting service, you have all those features included in most of our plans - even the cheapest ones. In other words, we don't upsell to you.

    We've opted to use cPanel so that we can rely on their development team and fast attention to security-related matters. And, we've worked very hard to achieve a high-quality service even for our cheapest plans.

    We are a private company, we did not receive huge investments that we could then use to hire a development team to create a fully unique front-end interface.

    Our focus is on delivering features at a reasonable cost, features that blow much of our competition out of the water.

    3 What are those features, exactly?

    The features that make us unique when compared to the competition:

    • Independently of how many resources a plan has, the way we set up CloudLinux makes sure every account is completely isolated since it won't be able to use 100% of the resources available on the entire physical server. Most of the cheapest shared web hosting services from our competitors don't even use CloudLinux or set it up the wrong way;
    • Litespeed is 90x faster than Apache. You can have your PHP processes opening faster and therefore receive much more visitors on your website. Once again, most of our competitors don't even include LiteSpeed on their cheapest plans;
    • Malware shall not pass. Imunify360 makes sure your account is free from malware. Stop worrying about the possibility of your account getting suspended because your website might have a vulnerability. Most of our competitors don't offer this level of protection at all or it's only available in their higher plans;
    • You can choose a plan based on your needs and stop paying for what you won't use at all. The flexibility we provide gets you more for less;
    • Support is what most contributes to the cost of any service these days. We have plans without any support included so that you don't have to pay for something you won't require;
    • In case you require support, we also have plans that are not that costly which even includes support for your web application (e.g., Wordpress);
    • You can add a dedicated MySQL Server exclusively for your websites using a Fully-Managed VPS at no extra cost or for a special price (depending on your plan and the number of resources required in case you have a big mysql database). Where exactly did you ever seen this happening elsewhere?

    4 Do we consider ourselves a unique alternative to the known brands?

    Yes, an absolutely unique service with features and specifications bundled together in such a way that you won't find a better offer anywhere else.

    In fact, you should consider our service to be your first choice. Why do we say this? Think about it for a moment.

    Unless you require hosting in any other location we don't have available, you will be paying higher prices elsewhere on any other brand for the same or fewer features. The differences on their higher cost don't mean you are getting a higher quality service at all.

    It just means they do much more marketing and you are paying for it. Or, they are a public company where shareholders must take a % of the profits and you are paying for their expensive vacations.

    The tradeoff? Our service will look just like just another shared hosting. Although, it isn't, not one bit.