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    The following will work if you have a virtual server (KVM-Linux) using virtio with the operating system installed on the first storage device:

    1. sudo grub-install /dev/vda
    2. sudo update-grub

    In case you are not using a virtual server or virtio:

    1. sudo grub-install /dev/sda
    2. sudo update-grub

    It is now fixed. You shouldn't see that message anymore in the following reboots.

    A new image is available with CloudLinux and cPanel preinstalled.

    • cloudlinux-7_cpanel-x86_64

    You can find the template under OS Reinstall -> CloudLinux -> cloudlinux-7_cpanel-x86_64.

    Installation takes about two minutes.

    A new image with cPanel preinstalled is available:

    • centos-7_cpanel-x86_64

    You can find the image in OS Reinstall -> CentOS -> centos-7_cpanel-x86_64.

    This image takes about two minutes to install.

    Next week from Wednesday forward.

    Feel free to reserve the service you are interested in to make sure you get it before it runs out of stock again.

    Thank you for your interest.