Error creating a new group in a phpBB forum

  • Thankx for the help. It worked. But I read turning off ModSecurity is not recommended because it works like a firewall. Is there any way possible to keep ModSecurity enabled and at the same time fix my issue?

  • It may be possible. :)

    Kindly open a support ticket and let us know the steps you use to create a group in phpBB. We also require a user account in your forum with the necessary permissions.

    We will redo the steps with ModSecurity enabled, check the logs on our side and analyze the file responsable for handling the creating of groups. In case it is possible we will make the necessary changes to make it compatible. :thumbup:

  • Thankx once again but I'm not a client. I will consider changing to your services when there is a renewal. My current provider ******* couldn't even bother to help me. Before I change, any way I can check for the uptime of your web hosting services? The status page on your site only refers to your sites.

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  • You can request a sample of the uptime before purchasing.

    After your purchase, you also have access to the uptime of your service up to four months ago in real-time.

    I'm closing this thread now to avoid going off-topic. In case you have any additional pre-sales questions please open a new thread, contact our sales department or schedule a contact via our site.

    Thank you for your interest.